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Jus$t the Begin'n #3

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Jus$t the Begin'n #3


Released October 2015
Format CD
Added on Monday, 19 October 2015
Genre Hip Hop
Price 0.00 $
Length 0:00
Number of discs 0
Edition date 2015
Catalog Number
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Jus$t the Begin'n #3

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About This Mix Tape

Our Group is called "The 3'E's". Group members are MechieDeuce, T.O. JohnnyBoy, Lil Lead, Mayne, Rico, Shad, & Tyric." The 3 E's means "Enter, Execute, Expand" or "Enter, Execute, Exit" it can mean anything using the letter "E" & 3 words. Our biggest challenge as an artist/group is Time. Right now our hottest song is called " Hop Out " by T.O. & MechieDeuce. We are working on a Mixtape called "3 Tha Hardway." Our fans will know we are here to Execute as an independent Group to Reach the Top & Expand our music. Bookings/Features ddp83.dd@gmail.com or 3NTBookings@gmail.com