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Dez Nado

Dez Nado Electronic Press Kit "LaDolceVita" New Album stream - www.soundcloud.com/DezNadoLaDolceVita Dez Nado's currently on a promotional tour throughout the southeastern U.S., pushing his regional CW Network cable TV series "Life & Grind" and filming for the upcoming season along the way while also promoting his latest album release "LaDolceVita", a full-length LP dsitributed by Universal Music Group (iTunes, Amazon.com, Spotify, TIDAL, and everywhere music is available online). The album has been getting great reviews for its uniqueness, its positive yet artistically genuine vibe, and its raw-but-real appeal that reflects many of the underpinnings of the Black Lives Matter movement which are especially evident in the album's lead single "American Dream" (an ode to the victims of police brutality and other social injustices in the U.S.), released earlier this year. Dez his also promoting two mixtapes he hosts with various independent and major features, called "Freestyle Filez 5: Live from the BET Hip Hop Awards Red Carpet" [Download Safely via MediaFire HERE]] and "Florida's Finest: Classic Weekend 2017" [Download Safely via MediaFire HERE] The American Dream single, which is preceded by Dez's 2015 single "Futuristic" that independently moved over 12,000 units (via Digiwaxx Global), is currently spinning on national/international radio and was played by the Portland Trailblazers during their home playoff games in the 2016 NBA Playoffs. Some of Dez’s recent achievements include him being invited to the invite-only 2015 BMI Hip Hop/R&B Awards in Los Angeles after getting his first major BMI song credit with Atlantic Records’ Sevyn Streeter, winning 2014-2015 Jacksonville Artist of the Year award, as well as 2016 Jacksonville Caribbean Music Awards Artist of the Year, receiving two Georgia Music Award nominations in 2013 and 2014, and consecutive (2015 & 2016) BET Hip Hop Awards pre-show performances in Atlanta. His new single, “Duele”, has been called “arena music” by one of Atlanta’s premier industry publicists Lalaa Shepard. It’s a catchy, latin-influenced, upbeat, bachata/reggae fusion with anthemic, live instrumentation and vocals blended with a unique, hip hop vibe, all a reflection of Dez Nado's mixed American, Jamaican, and Panamanian roots. In addition to promoting his new album, Dez is also touring multiple markets in the south and Caribbean looking for talent to feature on his hit TV series “Life & Grind” (CW/Bounce Network – Comcast 225/Digital 17-2, airs Sundays in northeast Florida, southeast Georgia, 6pm and DeKalb cable 25 – Sundays 7pm), which innovatively provides viewers with a firsthand look into the lives and daily grinds of a cast of 8 rappers, singers, and entertainment entrepreneurs who are trying to “make it big” in their city. The recent fall 2016 college homecoming tour included stops at several college campuses including Howard University, Florida A&M, Bethune-Cookman, University of Central Florida (during Florida Classic weekend, one of the largest annual weekend events in the south, after Dez/Life & Grind appeared locally on MTV, BET, ESPN in Orlando on self-made commercials in promotion of his “Florida’s Finest” mixtape and its release party at VAIN nightclub with Ciroc & Belair vodka sponsors) and Spelman/Morehouse, during which the "LaDolceVita" Plan included visits to various classrooms/classroom-like settings before or after performances to discuss societal issues. The #LifeGrindUSA Spring 2017 tour was a continuation of the fall 2016 tour, taped throughout the first half of the year with cast members performing, meeting locals face-to-face, visiting local media outlets, plus local talent features from each region. Much like the fall 2016 Homecoming tour that included stops in Washington, D.C. during Howard University’s famed homecoming weekend and several other college campus stops during which Dez Nado visited various classrooms/classroom-like settings before or after performances to discuss community empowerment, social awareness, and the relevance of these factors to hip hop and Black culture, the spring tour included several performance stops; in Houston during Super Bowl LI with west coast hip hop legend Snoop Dogg, in New Orleans for both NBA All-Star Weekend and Mardi Gras weekend, at the annual Spring Fest concert in Jacksonville at 1904 Music Hall in mid-March (a concert series created and organized by Dez), the Stardom Music Awards in Virginia, at which Dez attended as an “Artist To Watch 2017” award nominee, Los Angeles for the BET Awards Experience, and Jamaica for the annual Dream Weekend, for which Dez negotiated terms to become an official media affiliate (Life & Grind), likewise with the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards where Dez and crew hit the Green Carpet for the first time, he plans to repeat a similar tour while taping for Season 5 of Life & Grind this Spring adding a few new stops in college markets already playing his music like Savannah, GA, Tampa, FL, and Albany, GA. Dez most recently signed his label VIPSquad Entertainment on with 1017 Brick Squad as the official Head of Promotion and booking off of the strength and growth of his brands. Dez Nado wikipedia page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dez_Nado Album Press 360Magazine http://360magazine.tumblr.com/post/140652794403/ladolcevita ThisIs50.com [50 Cent's website] http://www.thisis50.com/profiles/blogs/album-dez-nado-ladolcevita Hip Hop Reviews 4D http://www.hhrfd.com/?p=15108 DownSouthHipHop.com http://downsouthhiphop.com/mixtapes/dez-nado-ladolcevita-album.html ALBUM REVIEWS http://nikkisiixx.com/2016/03/26/album-review-dez-nado-ladolcevita/ http://www.24ourmusic.net/2016/03/28/dez-natos-ladolcevita-impresses-connects-every-level/ Dez Nado's new album stream - www.soundcloud.com/DezNadoLaDolceVita Dez Nado's other music with major artists - www.soundcloud.com/FLAsFinest3 Dez Nado website - www.WhoIsDezNado.com LaDolceVita Press Release - https://www.newswire.com/news/bounce-network-reality-tv-producer-dez-nado-preps-new-album-release-7029719 | ALBUM FEEDBACK/TOUR PRESS: https://www.newswire.com/news/indie-rapper-with-universal-music-group-backing-to-host-televised-9829208 IN-DEPTH BIOGRAPHY Poet, C.E.O., Television & Music Producer, Artist, Curator, Entrepreneur: all titles that collectively describe singer-songwriter Dez Nado, which is an acronym for The D.efinition of E.ffort and Z.eal iN A.mbition and D.edication to O.pportunity. Florida's own Dez Nado is truly raising the bar(s) in hip hop! Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Dez Nado was introduced to music at very young age in the late 1990s with his siblings who all got together one day to form a hip hop group of pre-teens and teen-aged amateur rappers. They dreamed of fame while recording on what was then considered “high-tech” Talkboy recorders. After his siblings went off to college and his cousins whom he credits for “teaching him how to rap” moved back to the birthplace of hip hop (New York, New York), the passion for music stuck with Dez well into high school where he gained notoriety performing in his first talent shows and local artist showcases while developing his business acumen by selling home-made CDs and even school supplies that his mother, who was a teacher at the time, brought home as surplus materials after every semester for him to use for schoolwork. He saw his first successes after high school as an independent artist; generating a fan base by plugging his own projects at local shops and hot spots, working part-time and attending school full-time splitting his earnings between books for class and studio time, as well as booking, promoting, and organizing his own shows by the age of 19 as a college freshman. Word of his intense work ethic rapidly spread as one of Jacksonville’s premier rap websites (Duvalcountyluv.com) recognized him with the title of Jacksonville’s Grinder of the Week for several weeks between 2006-2009. Dez was at the peak of a three-year run of good fortune in 2009 when, after being recognized by Source Magazine executives at a local showcase as one of the city’s top 7 performers (out of over 50 competing), and winning the Duval Oscar Awards in 2008 for Performer of the Year and Rookie of the Year, when he was shot in the chest after leaving a Jacksonville nightclub just inches from his heart. Dez used the opportunity to re-focus and change his message from self-destructive to self-productive, and made a promise to himself that he would never take another minute for granted. After he took a brief hiatus Dez quickly returned to the studio and released “No Hands”, which gained enough attention to land him a distribution deal for a follow-up album “No Hands 2” with KKR/Island/Def Jam in 2011. Dez began to break out of the local scene with the No Hands series and shine in bigger markets like Atlanta, Orlando, and Las Vegas (as evidenced by the feature interviews and fans calling in on his 2011 & 2012 projects “Freestyle Filez: Volume 1” and “Freestyle Filez: Volume 2“). To this day, Dez has made good on his promise to not take one minute for granted, going from inches away from dying to becoming one of Florida’s most promising recording artists, a TV and music producer/studio engineer, self-started CEO, college graduate receiving his Master’s in Arts degree in 2014, after DJ’ing his own college radio show and serving as a radio programming specialist at the largest university in Florida. His name is much more than just a name; it has become something that he lives by. Most Recently, Dez has added “promoter” to his long résumé; promoting, coordinating, and booking his own bi-monthly regional showcases and sharing the spotlight with other independent artists, creating his own avenues to build his brand (photos of past events up at www.whoisdeznado.com | www.facebook.com/DezNado). Dez’s work ethic and growing popularity was recognized in summer 2014 outside of the Jacksonville market as he was nominated for a 2014 Georgia Music Award in the Hip Hop (Male) category for the second consecutive year. The awards ceremony is held annually at The Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta, GA. Dez’s 2013 track “#DoSumn” , which features Kanye West and JANA MiziK, has also been featured in several online media outlets (links included in press clippings), as well as his appearances on the All Star remix of YMCMB/Cash Money records artist T. Rone’s smash hit “Hello Love”, whom Dez also opened up for in April of 2013 at the YMCMB signing party at Roc Bar in Jacksonville, FL, which were some of Dez‘s first dealings with major artists. Following the momentum of these accomplishments, Dez was named “Next to Blow” by Music Connectz Mag, and one of 2013’s “Artists to Watch” by New York’s Underground Music Awards committee with his follow-up singles “STFU” and “Ride Tonight” getting radio play from California to the UK, Germany, and France. It’s no surprise that Dez’s 2013 compilation project, “#FLAsFinest”, has received over 100,000 plays and 3,500 downloads, let alone 900+ downloads during its first week on thatcrack.com. His buzz has lifted him to become one of the most talked about artists in the north Florida/south Georgia area, as evidenced by his winning of the title of 2014 Jacksonville Artist of the Year at the Duval Music Festival last month (DuvalHipHop.com – Void Live Magazine Write Up – http://voidlive.com/music/dez-nado-wins-artist-year-duval-music-festival/ ). This is a significant achievement that Dez has added to an already solid resume, which includes 2007’s Rookie & Performer of the Year (Jacksonville Underground Oscars), 2011 Album of the Summer (No Hands 2; Hip Hop Stardom Mag), 2013 & 2014 Male Hip Hop Artist of the Year (Georgia Music Awards), 2015 Mega Sum Fest (Hip Hop Stardom Mag) performer invitee, Official 2015 & 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards weekend performer & official affiliate, and 2015 BMI Hip Hop/R&B Awards special invitee (invite-only; Saban Theatre – Los Angeles), and as of 2017, Official Member of the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame. He recently appeared on the local news in promotion of his 2015 project [full interview on main page of www.whoisdeznado.com], “VIPSquad All-Starz Volume 3” featuring Lola Monroe, Bruno Mars, and YMCMB’s Caskey, among others. Currently, Dez is promoting his newest releases: a full-length album entitled “LaDolceVita”, which includes production by Dez and was distributed by Universal Music Group, in addition to a rap compilation album, entitled “VIPSquad All-Starz Volume 3”, featuring collaborations and production/engineering from/with UK artist Master Shortie, YMCMB’s 212 Recording (Orlando) and Caskey, YMCMB artist T-Rone’s producer MgeeZy, and several up-and-coming Florida artists. The lead single “Swang My Way”, along with the follow-up singles “Futuristic”, which has moved over 13,000 units since 2016, and “Got Mo” are available online via iTunes, Amazon.com, Spotify, and all other major online retailers. He’s coming off the biggest buzz he’s had in his career, thanks to the signing of a multi-year deal with regional Cable television network Bounce TV in 2014 to air a one-of-a-kind documentary/reality-style TV show called “Life & Grind” that has aired every weekend since August 1st , 2014. In 2017, Dez used the support of the community and and the buzz of the show to get the TV series aired on the much larger platform that is the CW Network, going from having an audience of 7,000 weekly 2014-2016 to enjoying a weekly reach of over 75,000 TV consumers in the North Florida/South Georgia market (www.facebook.com/LifeGrindDuval). The show, negotiated, edited/produced, and partly filmed by Dez himself, is a smash hit after its first season and was the most watched TV Show on the regional network in Fall 2014 (add another title, “executive producer”, to Dez’s résumé). Building on the buzz and success from the TV Show, he’s airing season 4 in the Jacksonville market from May 2017 to January 2018 and branching out to regional markets like Dothan, Chattanooga, and Atlanta among others who have shown interest in airing their own local Life & Grind spin-offs while touring surrounding markets in promotion of a new Universal Music Group-distributed album entitled “LaDolceVita“, which he plans to promote throughout 2017 specifically in those markets who have shown interest. Most recently, Life & Grind: Atlanta began filming in Fall 2016 and aired on DeKalb25 (Comcast channel 25) in the greater Atlanta market in Spring 2017. Both series will pick back up after the upcoming 2017 Fall College Tour Dez is undertaking and air new seasons featuring footage from the tour starting early 2018. His music videos (www.youtube.com/deznado), along with his cable TV CW17 Docu-reality series “Life & Grind” and hundreds of thousands of plays/views/downloads recorded on his various sites have all become indicators of Dez Nado’s versatility, one-of-a-kind work ethic, and growing popularity. With a steady, unshakeable “grind state of mind”, Dez delivers from the smallest 16 bar verse, to the largest indie concert series in north Florida, to the biggest indie media deal signed by a hip hop artist in north Florida/south Georgia, to the full-length independent LP. It’s becoming more and more clear to more and more people that he’s not just a threat; he’s a promise!


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