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Bigga Rankin

As quiet as it’s kept, the DJ has been the center of hip hop since day one. Dating back to early block party jams in New York’s notorious South Bronx circa 1975, the DJ has provided the soundtrack for b-boys to breakdance, instrumentals for rappers to rhyme over and musical inspiration for graffiti artists to create magnificent street art. Today, as hip hop has gone global, the DJ is just as important to the culture as he always has been. Whether keeping a club jumping until the break of dawn, introducing new music to the masses or backing up your favorite rapper behind the ones and twos in a jam-packed arena, the DJ keeps his finger on the pulse of rap music. And celebrity DJ Bigga Rankin is one of the most powerful record spinners in the business. He is CEO/founder of one of the most influential DJ crews in the country, Cool Runnings DJs. His promotions expertise has been utilized at such powerhouse labels as Young Jeezy’s imprint CTE, Atlantic Records, Def Jam and Interscope. As well as touring the globe with the likes of Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, 8Ball & MJG and 2Chainz, Bigga Rankin is rapidly approaching super stardom. His RNR mixtape series has helped to ignite the careers of Plies, Rick Ross, Yo Gotti, B.O.B and Gucci Mane. And in the process, he has collected more music awards than he can keep up with. Currently, he is vice president of the nationally known Hittmenn DJs, a member of the Core DJs and is wrapping up his upcoming documentary and soundtrack soon-to-be released via Good Life Music. “DJing isn’t a job,” says Bigga. “It’s a way of life.” Born in Jamaica, Bigga started his musical career as a dancehall rapper. Since he was always a chubby kid, they called him “Bigga.” In Jamaica, whenever you do something spectacular, the term “Rankin” is added to your name. He started DJing after he relocated to the United States with his parents when he was 15. Settling in Chicago where other family members lived, he was formally introduced to the art of DJing by his two cousins, who were spinning reggae music at local clubs and house parties with mammoth sound systems. Seeing how they controlled the crowd with the music and kept the people feeling good, Bigga was immediately hooked. At first, he played strictly reggae. But that changed a few years later when he relocated down South to Jacksonville, Fla. and incorporated his love for rap music into the playlist. In 1990, Bigga and his brother opened famed Jacksonville nightclub Cool Runnings. Each year, the club grew by leaps and bounds and attracted people from around the Sunshine State. By the turn of the century, the club was being recognized all across the country. Around the same time, Bigga Rankin founded Cool Runnings DJs. Since the crew’s inception, they have produced and given away thousands of mixtapes and DVDs throughout the Southeast. Bigga’s RNR Radio (Real Nigga Radio) series has hosted the likes of Young Jeezy, T.I., PSC, Plies and many more. Additionally, through his marketing company Team Bigga Rankin, he assists aspiring artists with their career. His team prides itself on eblasts/viral marketing, street promotions and a crew of DJs on radio, in the clubs, putting out mixtapes and hosting events. “Everyone works together to help break an artist, the best way they can,” Bigga explains. “Our mission is to provide real results to artists we believe in with professionalism and respect.” Those proven results landed Bigga roles as vice president and head A&R at Corporate Thugs Entertainment and vice president at Slip & Slide Records. Keeping his ear to the street, Bigga handpicked some of the music industry’s hottest artists before they came famous via the Diamond Awards. Set in Jacksonville, artists that have graced the stage and have been recipients of Diamond Awards have gone on to mega stardom. “This is not your average awards show, this is a prediction of what’s coming next in the music industry,” says Bigga. “Join us and get the inside scoop on what the music industry will be doing next.” With more than 20 years and counting under his belt, Bigga Rankin is known for bringing intense levels of energy and hype to the dance floor or to a concert. So whether he’s spinning at a neighborhood hole-in-the-wall club, playing in front of BET Spring Bling Black College Reunion in Daytona or even behind the boards in front of thousands of partygoers, Bigga Rankin is the pioneer of the southern hip-hop movement in Florida.


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