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Anderson Mars

Welcome world to the official page of Anderson Mars...Anderson Mars is the center of the truth in musicianship. Rapper, Songwriter, GhostWriter are all but a few of the nouns to describe this charismatic phenomenon. He has a heavenly multi-octave style that can make females cry and leave males amazed. “I just make music from within,” Anderson quotes humbly. “It’s just my love for music, everything I’ve been through, and my years of practice that gives me my voice. I am thankful and I just want to share it with the world. I worked hard to get where I am today,” he admits. Mars is originally from Houston, Texas, a major home of talented artists like Scarface, Dj screw, lil flip, Ugk, Chamillionaire, etc. at the tender age of 8 is when Anderson's brother Goldie first introduced him to music. "Like I remember wanting to go outside and play with my friends and my brother was like no, we're gonna record this music" says Anderson. He grew up listening to more. Mars grew up listening to more RnB and pop than hip hop. Which explains why to this days he is so versatile with music. He was always been destined for the mainstream spotlight. The 24 year old Anderson Mars is truly an inspiration to other young people to follow your heart and pursue your dreams, which his music exemplifies through his deep like lyrics, and strong feelings about music alone. He has the most angelic presence that makes women weak in the knees. Ladies of all ages appreciate his authoritative approach to the signature man. He also expresses his everyday life struggles from a mans perspective to keep the male audience attention. His music is brilliantly written, yet blunt, but poetic. It hits hard but goes down smooth! Anderson Mars is what the world is waiting for! Nickname by his closest supporter "The Human Jukebox" is a perfect way to describe Anderson Mars


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